Lactation services are offered at The Maryland Pediatric Group with board-certified lactation consultant, Deedee Franke.

To schedule an appointment with Deedee, call our office at 410-321-9393, select option 2 then option 2 again.
Deedee specializes in the following:
For Nursing Mothers
  • latching problems
  • sore nipples
  • milk supply concerns
  • plugged ducts and mastitis
  • pumping
  • going back to work concerns
  • weaning
For Infants
  • Late pre-term babies
  • weight gain concerns
  • tongue-tie
  • jaundice

More information about Deedee...
Deedee Franke is a registered nurse with 37 years of experience working in hospital inpatient areas of, Labor & Delivery, Mother/Baby care, stepdown NICU, Pediatrics, Parent Education, and Public Health.
She has been a board-certified lactation consultant for 25 years, working in both the above in-patient hospital areas as well as out-patient areas including facilitating a new-parent breastfeeding support group for almost 30 years! She has been associated with and providing lactation services for MPG patients and families for over 2 years. Deedee also performs private in-home lactation consulting.